Hawai‘i Real Estate is a podcast produced by the Legal Kokua program of Hawai‘i REALTORS®, a professional trade organization with more than 11,000 active members. In our podcasts, which air the first Wednesday of every month, we discuss issues surrounding the buying, selling, leasing, and managing of property in Hawai‘i. Each episode brings you Hawai‘i’s latest economic and real estate data, describe trends in Hawaii property transactions, and releases focus pieces with special insight that you can only get from Hawai‘i’s only state-level organization for REALTORS®.

The podcast is hosted by Jason E. Korta, staff attorney with Hawai‘i REALTORS®.

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Hawai‘i Real Estate

Noncompete Agreements

September 6, 2023
Is your Hawaii noncompete agreement enforceable? Will it be after the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed employee-noncompete ban finalizes? Listen for insight.

August 2023
The podcast was on hiatus. A new episode was not released for August.

Making the Bacon

July 5, 2023
How do you promote a property or brokerage service in the age of algorithms and artificial intelligence? One method is to submit to Silicon Valley firms. Pay them ever larger shares of your income to promote your property or brokerage service with their proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence. Understand that others will do the same and commit yourself to an endless arms race that will enrich Silicon Valley firms and stretch your profit margins. But then you could operate outside the system. When everyone goes digital, you go analog. Promote your message person-to-person through hidden human psychology. In this focus piece, we reveal proven scientific methods for radically expanding the reach and power of word-of-mouth advertising.


June 7, 2023
There are many forms of real estate agency. Don’t get lost in the complexity. At the core of every agency relationship are three fundamental principles that are as simple as ABC.

Secrets and Lies (Part II)

May 3, 2023
The exciting conclusion to our special two-part series on mandatory disclosures in which we reveal the genesis behind Hawai‘i’s disclosure laws and show you how courts will view your disclosure duties.

Secrets and Lies (Part I)

April 5, 2023
Sellers of residential real property in Hawaiʻi must disclose material facts about their property. But what if a buyer agrees to purchase a property as is? This special two-part series featuring Jason E. Korta, staff attorney for Hawaiʻi REALTORS®, and Christopher St. Sure, a partner at Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel, examines why an as is agreement cannot protect a seller from a claim that they failed to disclose, misrepresented, or concealed a material fact.

Sea Level Rise Canary

March 1, 2023
“How will sea level rise affect Hawaii property sales?” Sea level rise threatens property values across the several coastal states, but susceptibility varies—the effect of sea level rise will be felt in some states before others. This episode draws from the experience of one of the earliest and hardest hit coastal states to teach how sea level rise can affect Hawaii property sales.