Application for Disaster Relief Assistance Now Available

NAR REALTORS® Relief Foundation approved $1.5 million in disaster relief aid for those impacted by the Maui wildfires. The grant money will be distributed by the Hawai‘i REALTORS® Charitable Foundation to assist qualified applicants in the community whose primary residence has been damaged or destroyed.



Hawai‘i REALTORS® launched the Hawai‘i REALTORS® Charitable Foundation in 2020 to provide support for Hawai‘i’s communities during the pandemic.

The Hawai‘i REALTORS® Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to work with community partners towards eliminating food insecurity and/or providing housing to those in need.

The foundation is supported by the generosity of our members. To learn more about how you can assist with future efforts, e-mail

Support the Foundation

If you would like to support the Foundation’s efforts, you can donate via PayPal.

Meet the Board

President: Moana Andersen
Secretary: Donna Rice
Treasurer: Julie Meier
Director: Lurline Johnson
Director: Tracy Stice
Director: Don Watson

Recent Initiatives

October 2020: Hawai‘i REALTORS® “One Can, If Can” food drive raises $14,000 for foodbanks and 3,700 pounds of non-perishable food items for food banks across the state.

April 2020: Hawai‘i REALTORS® donated $50,000 to food banks throughout Hawai‘i, including the Hawai‘i Foodbank ($12,500), the Maui Food Bank ($12,500), The Food Basket – Hawai‘i Island’s Food Bank ($12,500), Hawai‘i Foodbank Kaua‘i Branch ($6,250), and the Kaua‘i Independent Food Bank ($6,250). For more, read this coverage by Pacific Business News.