This limited-seating event will showcase:

* Dynamic national speakers
* Statewide awards including announcement of the 2023 REALTOR® of the Year award and recognition of RPAC Hall of Honor recipients
* Lunch
* Prize giveaways
* Pau hana reception
* Fun networking activities
* Live entertainment



Thriving No Matter What! Assembling and implementing a business and life plan that can withstand any market conditions

With mortgage rates volatile and buyer demand softening, the strong seller’s market has become a day-to-day-what-am-I-supposed-to-do-next market! How does a professional agent survive shifts in the market?

The Thriving No Matter What! presentation from veteran Realtor® member and national real estate educator Leigh Brown will offer insights on how to keep your business healthy no matter what happens in the economy and housing market. You’ll receive action items: tools, market data, and sales techniques necessary to support today’s home buyers and sellers. You will be better equipped to provide a different level of professionalism by enabling every neighbor in every zip code to retain hope and a path to homeownership.

Leigh uses her decades of real estate experience to help everyone from early career to highly seasoned agent build (and rebuild!) their professional presence and confidence by helping them define and communicate their value proposition expertly. Leigh has served as the 2021 Vice President of Advocacy for the National Association of REALTORS® and currently serves on the Board of the REALTOR® Relief Foundation.

The Unshakeable REALTOR®: Leveling Up for the Future

Low inventory, digital disruption from online competition, and the uncertainties of a post-covid world are at the forefront of challenges for today’s Realtors. During these pivotal moments, a generation of Realtors and their businesses will be defined by how they decide to show up. Do they stay stuck in the past or level up for the future?

Through Mike’s experience building an international basketball brand from his college apartment, and growing it while battling anxiety and depression, he understands the challenges Realtors are facing in these very moments. Drawing on the latest research from sports psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness, Mike shares exercises he’s personally embraced to lead through adversity. When combined with his inspiring storytelling approach, they create an experience that helps Realtors navigate the high-pressure, emotional rollercoaster 21st century business and prepares them to win in today’s real estate market.

Learning Objectives:
* How to stay connected to your energy as a high-performing realtor amidst nonstop disruption and rapid change
* Breakthrough insights on what drives elite performers you can leverage in your business
* What separated Kobe Bryant beyond his basketball skills that applies to workplace performance
* A behind the scenes look at a Steph Curry mindset for high-performance

Mike Lee is the founder of MindShift Labs and possesses a tremendous background, spending time on the court with elite NBA stars such as MVP Steph Curry and All-Star Joel Embiid. He’s blended this experience — helping players use mindset and focus to shift their performance in an ultra-competitive environment — with mindfulness, to level up business performance and personal leadership.

Everything You Need to Know about ChatGPT: The Hottest (and Scariest) Technology of 2023

Just a few months ago, a plain little website shared a free “Research Preview” of ChatGPT, and the world as we know it changed forever. ChatGPT can write whole essays from a simple text prompt, formulate 100 social media post ideas from a single sentence, create computer code with just a description and compose poetry and songs in any artist’s style in milliseconds. It’ll create a summary from a long legal document, recommend resources for research and, by the time you read this, make your bed and bring you coffee.

For real estate professionals, the capabilities are endless, as are the challenges. With this type of AI tool, there are ethical issues, legal issues, bias issues, quality issues, creativity issues, copyright issues, issue issues… and issues we haven’t even considered.

Join Beth Z, Your Nerdy Best Friend, for an in- depth look at ChatGPT and similar tools to discover:
Where did it come from?
How does it work?
What can it do?
How can it help Realtors? Who does it hurt?
And, most importantly… How far can it go?

Beth Z cuts through the noise to bring you tech tips, tools and tricks for productive productivity, sexy social media, tolerable to-do lists and truly collaborative collaborations. She is exciting, fun, and packed full of knowledge that she shares in easy-to-digest soundbites. Beth takes the fear out of technology and helps you get right to the point with effective apps and tools that you can integrate into your everyday work and life.