Standard Forms for Member Feedback: 3 Revised, 1 New

The Standard Forms Committee (SFC) recently made changes to the Blank Addendum, Blank Amendment, and Plain Language Addendum. They have also introduced a new form draft for dual agency transactions.

Why the New Form? 
There are two ways that brokerages can practice dual agency: Standard Dual Agency and Designated Dual Agency. To provide support for both types of dual agency, the SFC is releasing the revised Dual Agency Disclosure and Consent Form on May 3, 2021. They are also proposing a new form called Designated Agency Disclosure and Agreement form. For details, read this background brief.

Submit Feedback
We value member feedback as part of the forms creation/revision process. Please review the drafts here and let us know what you think. (Sign-in is required to view drafts.)

Comments for any of the above forms can be made via this link. The deadline to submit feedback is May 7, 2021.