2022 Hawai‘i Appointees for National Association of REALTORS® Committees

Congratulations to all of these experienced and dedicated members appointed to National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Committees. We are proud to have these REALTORS® and industry professionals representing Hawai‘i at the national level:

Mary Begier – Broker Engagement Council
Jenny Brady – Research Committee
Arabel Camblor – Professional Development Committee
William Chee – Board of Directors; Past Presidents’ Advisory Group
Michael Curtis – Land Use Property Rights and Environment Committee
Nancy Donahue-Jones – Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee
Stephanie Doughty – Federal Taxation Committee
Michael Fry – Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee
Faith Geronimo – AEC-AE Institute Advisory Board
Frank Goodale – Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee
Berton Hamamoto – Business Issues Policy Committee
Shannon Heaven – Board of Directors; Single Family Investment Management Committee
Kevin Inn – Federal Technology Policy Committee
Josh Jerman – RPAC Major Investor Council
Lurline Johnson – Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee
Kalama Kim – Board of Directors; Risk Management Issues Committee
Shannon King – Consumer Advocacy Outreach Advisory Board; Executive Committee; and Sustainability Advisory Group
Leil Koch – Executive Committee
Derek Lau – Board of Directors; RPAC Participation Council
Jack Legal – REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee
Kelly Liberatore – Board of Directors; Diversity Committee
Darryl Macha – Local Leadership Idea Exchange Council
Leslie McCabe – Commercial Committee
Julie Meier – REALTOR® Safety Advisory Committee
Lynn Murison – Professional Standards Committee
Tricia Nekota – Member Communications Committee
Susan Savage – Public Policy Coordinating Committee; Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee; and Single Family Investment Management Committee
Kasandra Shriver – Housing Opportunity Committee
Judy Sykes – Global Business and Alliances Committee
Chad Takesue – Board of Directors
Fran Villarmia-Kahawai – Board of Directors
Suzanne Young – Fair Housing Policy Committee