Frequently Asked Questions

Landlord Tenant Code

Please Contact a Local Board to purchase the Hawai‘i Association of REALTORS® Rental Agreement.

You can contact the Office of Consumer Protection’s Landlord-Tenant Hotline at (808) 586-2634. Visit its website for more information.

Real Estate License

You can do a Professional and Vocational Licensing (PVL) search at the PVL website .

Legal Questions

Hawai‘i REALTORS® receives inquiries seeking professional advice; however staff is not qualified, nor licensed, by the state of Hawai’i to properly address real estate or legal issues. For questions concerning these issues, please consult with your REALTOR® or an Attorney.


If you contact us at (808) 733-7060 or toll free for neighbor islands at 1(888)737-9070, we are happy to provide you a REALTORS®® company phone number. Or, you can do a Find a REALTOR® search for their information.

If you contact us at (808) 733-7060 or toll free for neighbor islands at 1(888)737-9070, we are happy to determine if an individual is a REALTORS® member. Or, you can do a Find a REALTOR® search.


If you have an issue with a REALTOR®, your first step should be to contact the REALTORS® company and try to resolve the issue with the Principal Broker.

Another valuable reason to use a REALTOR® is if you are unable to resolve the issue, the REALTOR® organization has a Professional Standards (mediation or arbitration) process in place to help resolve your issue.

Contact a Local Board and ask for its Professional Standard Department to begin the process.


We are committed to being a neutral, impartial source of information and it would be in violation of our Antitrust policy. However, you can do a Find a REALTOR® .

The Hawai‘i Association of REALTORS® is unable to discuss anything relating to commissions as it is against our Antitrust policy.


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