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GRI Course Descriptions

The 60 mandatory hours builds the foundation of your real estate career.

There are ten required courses. Each course is six hours long and you must complete all ten courses to fulfill the mandatory course requirement.

  • Business Planning - Gets you started on setting obtainable and measurable goals to keep you focused on building a successful real estate career.
  • Contracts - Covers the basics of contract law, the Purchase Contract, escrow, title and ownership and practical applications utilizing hypothetical real estate situations.
  • Disclosure - Covers the laws on misrepresentation and disclosure. What you need to know about Hawaii's mandatory disclosure law, how to recognize "red flags", potential problems, and your alternative options.
  • Agency, Practical Ethics, & Fair Housing - Three important topics relevant to working with your clients and customers and your obligations as a real estate agent.
  • At Home with Diversity - A unique NAR certification program designed to present a picture of the changing face of the real estate industry and how you, as a real estate professional, can increase your sensitivity and adaptability to future market trends.
  • Legal Issues - Provides a forum for the presentation and open discussion of laws and regulations that real estate agents must be aware of. The course is divided in three major categories: the laws and regulations; Hawai'i legislation; and national trends.
  • Listing, Pricing & Marketing - Build a strong competitive advantage with important skills to cultivate listings from various potential sources and effective utilization of the tools to prepare and conduct successful listing presentations.
  • Condominium and Planned Communities - Gain knowledge on the fundamental characteristics and laws that govern Community Associations, Planned Communities and Condominium Associations. Understand their governing documents, fiscal operations, maintenance of the physical assets, enforcement of rules, and obtaining information that should be available to a buyer.
  • Finance - Most real estate activities rely on the availability of borrowed funds. Understand standard mortgages, alternative creative financing concepts, programs affected by government agencies and legislative mandate. Bring a financial calculator to this course.
  • Residential Tax Rules, 1031 Exchange, and Foreign Investors - Recognize the tax benefits in the acquisition, ownership and disposition of real property and explanation on how the use of the property will determine the tax consequences. A general understanding is provided on how tax basis is computed including adjustments for improvements, section 1031, and depreciation. Identifying tax withholding requirements on property sold by non residents and the basics of "like kind exchanges."

The 30 elective hours adds value to your real estate career.

There are three elective courses. Each course provides six elective credit hours.

  • Analysis of Investment Real Estate - Introduction of universally applicable methods of comparison of real estate investments to enable the investor to make decisions between alternative real estate investment opportunities. Also familiarizes you with the concepts, terminology, methodology, and forms used in the real estate investment analysis process.
  • Land Use and Development - Gain an overview of the planning and approval in determining the use of real property, the development process, residential construction and home inspection.
  • Property Management and Landlord/Tenant - Discussion the different layers of property management by looking at the duties and responsibilities of a property manager as it relates to their relationship with the landlord and client, as well as the management of the actual property. Review of property management contracts, State and Federal laws, and common forms used in property management.

Elective hours can also be earned by taking NAR affiliated Institute courses: ABR, CRB, CRS, CCIM, IREM, CIPS, and e-PRO. Each of these courses provides 12 elective credit hours.
GRI provides a wealth of practical information from the instructors and fellow students.
It's up to you to build your real estate career by starting the GRI program today.
For a list of upcoming GRI courses, contact your Local Board/Association.


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