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Keynote Speakers 
Opening Session: David Knox, CRS
"Mastery of the Game Selling"
This seminar sets a fun tone of taking the pressure off the sale by treating it more as a game. The theme is to "let go of the outcome to create more income." Attendees will learn to use their natural style to achieve the fundamental objectives of selling: meeting prospects, building rapport, establishing trust, uncovering motivation, creating acceptance and asking for a decision. Agents will improve their prospecting and questioning as well as feedback sensitivity selling. 

General Session
Bob Wolff, CRS
"7 Highly Effective Habits for 'Super-Star' Success in Real Estate Sales" 

REALTOR® and "Super-Agent" Bob Wolff, CRS, of Harcourts Prime Properties, is globally-regarded as a "Top-Producer" in the industry of residential real estate -- a reputation he has responsibly crafted through 36 years of hardworking experience, with a record of over $1 Billion closed in residential sales transactions.
His integrity, unrivaled work ethic, steadfast positive attitude, and unstoppable drive to supersede customer expectations that make him on of the most personable and effective Real Estate Agents throughout the nation, which has earned him a place on the Harcourts Hall of Fame — an honor that has only been bestowed to 22 people since the company's inception 126 years ago.


: Lawrence Yun 
Real Estate and Economic Outlook

Lawrence Yun is the Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Research for the National Association of REALTORS®. He is a nationally recognized expert in economic forecasting and real estate market trends. Yun oversees market research for NAR and speaks nationally regarding real estate market trends. USA Today named him one of the nation's top economic forecasters in 2008 and he has been named among the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders by INMAN News.

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Breakout Sessions


Beth Z

Session Title: "How DO They Do That: Secret Tech Weapons for Real Estate Agents."
What if you could whip up a graphic to brand your open house in a matter of minutes?  Or schedule a meeting without having to send three dozen emails to find a time everyone could meet?  Or create a dazzling multimedia video for your net broker's open house?  And what if you could pull all this off without spending a dime?

Join your "Nerdy Best Friend", aka Author Beth Ziesenis, to discover how to use free and bargain technology tools you never knew existed to create professional quality graphics, show off your listings and wow home buyers and sellers.  This high-energy session will give you 30+ tools that will leave people asking, "How DO they do that?"  In this session, learn how to create share-worth social media content, discover technology to bring your office and virtual team together, and become a leader in the office with efficient (and cool) productivity tools.

Session Title: "Share and Share A 'Like': 29 Tech Tools to Create Cool Content for Social Media"
The most popular posts on social media are pictures and videos, and with a few easy (and free!) tech tools, you can transform your messages into shareworthy graphics that your clients will love. This action-packed session will give you dozens of sites and apps that will help you elevate the quality of your social media posts and other material.  Discover sites to turn quotes into graphics, transform ordinary photos into works of art, create infographics for little or no cost, and more!

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Ed Hatch

Session Title: "New Negotiating Edge ...Gaining Trust & Loyalty"

You can give advice to clients who do not trust you ... they just won't take it! So, the successful resolution of any negotiation begins with overcoming the most predictable form of resistance ... DISTRUST. In this session you will learn the 3 essential elements that affect the outcome of any negotiation and application for each, the 3 predictable forms of resistance, the implementation of 4 specific strategies for gaining the TRUST & LOYALTY of the client.

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 Session Title: "EXTRAordinary Client Service ... DURING The Transaction"
98% customer satisfaction - SO WHAT! Satisfaction is NOT THE TARGET - LOYALTY IS! If you are about to COMMIT or recommit your time, money, and energy to an effective customer service package strategy ... this session has been designed for you! We will create an effective step-by-step strategy FOCUSED on creating raving - referring fans with PROACTIVE elements to exceed their wildest expectations ... a complete package FOCUSED on turning every ordinary situation into an EXTRAordinary experience.

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Chris Bird

Session Title: "The Best of Chris Bird: The Hottest Topics in Tax Write-Offs and Financial Planning for the Real Estate Professional"           

Chris Bird will cover three areas of Tax Law and Financial Planning issues important to REALTORS®.  First, Chris will bring us up-to-date with what Congress is doing with the Home Mortgage Forgiveness provisions of the tax code and the Private Mortgage Deduction, both of which expired on December 31, 2013.  Second, Chris will discuss some of the hottest deductions that REALTORS® are allowed to claim, including the heavy vehicle deduction and the first year write-off of business equipment, including certain commercial real estate building properties.  Finally, Chris will provide details of the latest uses of the SEP, 401(k), Defined Benefits Plans, and the use of IRA assets in other than convention investments retirement strategies.  This is a must attend session, repeated twice for the HAR Convention

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Wendy Waldrep

Session Title: zipForm Plus Training 
Stumped by zipForm Plus and Digital Ink?  Never used this quality member-service HAR provides to every member?  Get the knowledge that will empower your business with this live in-person training session from expert instructor Wendy Waldrep of zipLogix.


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